Estonian casinos are casinos located in Estonia that offer gambling games such as slots, table games and poker. Estonian casinos are usually licensed and regulated by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board to ensure a safe and fair gaming environment.

Estonian casinos can be either physical casinos or online casinos. Physical casinos are usually located in larger cities such as Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu and have fixed working hours and game restrictions. However, online casinos offer 24/7 access to a wide variety of games that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Estonian casinos often offer various bonuses and campaigns, such as welcome bonuses for new players, rewards for regular customers and VIP programs, which provide additional benefits and special offers. Casinos also often have contests and tournaments that give players a chance to win big prizes.

Estonian casinos also offer a secure gaming environment equipped with modern security technologies such as SSL encryption and a firewall to protect players’ data and money. In addition, Estonian casinos offer a number of convenient and secure payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets and transfers via bank links.

All in all, Estonian casinos are reliable and safe places to play with a wide selection of gambling games and rewards. However, it is important to remember that gambling can be addictive and should be played responsibly and in moderation.

How is gambling organized in Estonian casinos?

Online casinos are a relatively new phenomenon in Estonia, as the first ones were licensed only in the second half of the first decade of the 2000s. So Triobet, OlyBet as well as Optibet go to great lengths to prove your credibility.

Thanks to their efforts, and PAF casino, but it is 2021 as of the middle of the year, there are already dozens of legal online casinos in Estonia.

It is interesting to know that when it comes to Estonian casinos, there really aren’t many Estonian casinos through and through. The last Mohicans, so to speak, are Olybet and, the latter of which, unfortunately, is no longer included in Estonia’s priority markets.

This is a good example of how small Estonia’s population is and how difficult it is for game providers to make a profit only by operating here.

However, this does not mean that we have few online casino pages. On the contrary. Estonia is an important market, and entertainment companies with an international reach are happy to bring their offices to our country and also translate their pages into our language.

Well-known brands such as Betsafe and Optibet once started small, but over time they have also been merged with larger foreign casinos. Some examples: the large British company Entain owns all the following brands in Estonia: Nutz, Boost, Ninja, Optibet.

There are still similar examples, but recently there have been more players from companies registered in Malta and Cyprus. How popular Posido,, Winnerz and Fire Spin will become is difficult to predict and there are various factors at play here.

Unfortunately, not all of the aforementioned casinos offer customer support in Estonian, which is quite a big disadvantage. We are eagerly waiting for this nuance to change, but if not, we recommend our players to try their luck in Estonian-language casinos.

There are so many online casino providers in Estonia that there is no reason to bother with an English or Russian chat.

At the end of the day, if you want to play more, it’s not a question of if, but when to contact customer support. Whether it’s the speed of paying out bigger wins or any other small thing that needs to be clarified.

It’s no secret that you can win a lot of money playing games for real money online, but there have also been cases of players losing control of their betting and gambling for more money than they can afford to lose.

Therefore, apart from money, casino, sports betting and poker providers in Estonia are obliged to follow very precise rules regarding advertising of services, ensuring responsible gaming, the age limit and even how to communicate with the customer.

For example, if a player clearly shows through his speech and behavior that he may have a gambling addiction, casino operators should not discourage the player from betting even more, but should instead recommend considering a gaming restriction.

In Estonia online gaming is very strictly regulated byt the Tax&Customs Board. All the licence casinos have to follow their guidlines and adhere to the rules.

Online casinos are relatively new in Estonia. Only in the midst of 2000s first gaming platform gained their licences. Triobet, OlyBet and Optibet were pioneers. At current day, it is safe to say they set a high bar for all the new no account casinos.

In 2019, 2020 and 2021 there was a huge wave of new online casinos. Thanks to the very precise rules it is much easier for gambling operators to offer their services and provide the safe gaming environment for everyone.

It is not a secret you can win a lot of money in a casino but it happens that players lose more than they can afford. Therefore there is a set of rules dedicated only to assure the responsible gaming among all the players.


We have been playing in online casinos for many years and know the industry in and out. Any casino is there to make money but it has to be done in a moral way so the players still have a chance to play responsibly.

Some players value the winnings most. Some are there onlyh for the entertainment value. Some seek intellectual challenge. Whatever the motivation, some games can offer it all and more.

Our criterias judging online casinos are very clear. We want to know about the user experience. Is the casino reputable? How fast and effective is customer service? What is the selection of the games?

We have been playing in online casinos and have been in contact with their operators. Of course, the goal of every business association and brand is to make a profit. Recently, however, a question has arisen regarding their reliability and how online gambling sites can tame problem gamblers.

It’s actually hard to say what’s most important to a player because different types of players have quite different goals. One could make a generalization that many are just looking for entertainment, for some it is also an intellectual challenge. There is a certain group of gamblers who want to make a big profit, but it certainly shouldn’t be the main goal.

Our criteria for evaluating online casinos are very specific. We want to know how good the user experience is. Is it a reliable company? How easy is it to get help from customer support and what is the selection of games. In the case of the latter, the situation tends to be fairly equal across all major brands. It is the general user experience and brand image that start to play an even greater role.


What happens if there is no regulation? We all know that some things can not be just made disappear. Gambling is one of those things. If the government wants to only restrict any gambling it will simply happen illegally and countries will lose the tax money.

In some countries, it may happen that governments take the opportunity to offer gambling only in state owned casinos. This way it is much easier to make sure the company is following the responsible gaming rules. Yet, history shows, state owned casinos are not the most user friendly.

In those cases, the state has made the provision of gambling games such as lotto and others its own privilege – only the state lottery and game company can offer gambling games, and a large part of the profit goes to finance social projects.

In Estonia, too, there is an Estonian Loto company, a large part of its profits go to support various national projects, but the players get less and smaller winnings.

Considering our population, there are quite a few online casinos in Estonia. On the “Free Bonus” page, you can find information only about licensed casinos, because the advertising of illegal casinos is firstly prohibited and secondly, they are not reliable in any way.

When playing in unlicensed casinos, the player can never be sure if he will ever receive his winnings.

Licensed Estonian online casinos must have sufficient funds available at all times to ensure the quick payout of possible big wins.


Estonian online casinos are obliged to offer all their players the opportunity to set playing restrictions, such as a betting limit, a time limit for playing, a loss limit and the option to freeze their account for the desired period of time.

Estonian players who feel that their gambling is getting out of control can set a limit for playing games of chance on the website of the Tax and Customs Board. This ensures that the player cannot access the games of any Estonian licensed casino as long as the restriction is active.

The restriction on playing games of chance cannot be removed at any time, but you have to wait until the specified time period is up and then contact the representative of the Tax and Customs Board to remove the restriction if you wish.


Why play in casinos at all? Of course, to enjoy the best games, have a good time and sometimes pocket some nice winnings!

But there are more reasons – tournaments, slot rallies, races on various games, campaigns with free spins and bonuses and of course welcome bonuses make the gaming experience even more intense!

For many players, an important motivation to start playing at a casino in the first place is the new player welcome bonus. This is an offer specially designed for new players. Take advantage of the deposit bonus or free spins and, in addition to your money, you will also play with a small gift from the casino.

In addition to the new player bonus, there are of course ongoing campaigns. Some gaming sites, such as the Nutz or Ninja pages, have ongoing promotions every week.

It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before joining the campaign. This way you can get a good overview of whether you want to take part in the offer and whether it is at all useful considering your type of player.

Almost all bonuses and winnings from free spins are subject to wagering requirements. The question is how big they are. No serious slot lover frowns on having to play through the bonus five or ten times before cashing out.

It’s understandable that casinos don’t just hand out money and have to set even a minimum playthrough requirement for rewards. Another thing is when the requirement to play through the bonus reaches 40/50. In this case, it is quite difficult to play through the bonus before the player’s account balance ticks to zero.

Let’s take a closer look at what different rewards operators offer to their gaming friends:

1. Tournaments – bet on selected games and collect the most total points to grab your share of the tournament prize fund. You may also need to achieve the biggest win compared to the value of the bet made or beat a specific player

2. Deposit bonuses – this is the most typical additional bonus offered to players in online casinos. Make a deposit of the requested amount and get a bonus on the item for it.

3. No deposit bonuses – this is perhaps the type of bonus that appeals to the widest group of players because you don’t need your own money don’t go to the casino at all. However, no deposit bonuses usually with a relatively high playthrough requirement or the bonus is very small, for example €5 .

4. Free spins – this is also a fairly common reward that you can get, for example, for a deposit or if you complete some a simple task. Free Spins winnings usually have to be played through casino games a certain number of times before a payout is made.

5. Cashback – this is a special type of bonus, in which you usually get back a certain percentage of the amount of bets made.

6. Enhanced odds – this is a special deal of sports betting, in which you can bet on a match or an event more favorable for the player with coefficients as they would be under normal conditions.

7. Prize trips, smart devices, gadgets and financial rewards – rewards in kind and prize trips are offered only by the biggest and best Estonia casinos like Optibet and PAF casino. Their player pool is very wide, and the best of the big tournaments can get a dream trip if they are lucky.

8. VIP points and special rewards – in many Estonian casinos you can get VIP points or loyalty points as they are called. When you reach a certain number of points, you can exchange them for money, bonuses or smart gadgets.

9. Missions and Tasks – this is one of the most popular bonus formats among players, and it offers operators an opportunity to introduce themselves in a fun way new games. Complete simple tasks, for example, collect a certain number of the same symbols and you will immediately earn an additional prize.

10. Welcome Bonuses – these are some of the most valuable prizes available to new players who have not yet made their first deposit done. Pay close attention to what’s on offer and you can earn a nice extra bonus for your first deposit or deposits.

11. VIP bonuses – VIP bonuses are usually not available to all players but only to the most loyal customers who play regularly.

In order to receive VIP bonuses, it is worth playing more consistently at the games of a certain online casino to show your loyalty and earn better conditions for the bonuses.

12. Christmas calendar, St. John’s calendar and others. daily prizes. – these are popular campaigns in which there is usually a given task for each day and you get various prizes such as free spins, bonuses, cashback, etc.


Estonian online casinos offer a truly diverse selection of games from the world’s largest and best-known casino game manufacturers.

You may have heard names like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and others. There are many game manufacturers and their names may not mean anything to the average player.

Some game studios are very small and may only have a few games in their portfolio. But there are also those with a selection of hundreds of games such as NetEnt, Microgaming and others.

Recently, the Swedish company Evolution Gaming, which makes live casino games and offers real-time live broadcasts with live dealers, has become the most popular game producer.

They also have awesome live games like Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal based on popular TV games. Read more about different game manufacturers on our page in the subsection “Game manufacturers”.

For beginners, names like NetEnt, Microgaming or Play N Go may not mean anything special.

In fact, they are the creators of slots and live casino tables. In addition to the big manufacturers, countless smaller game studios have recently appeared, which are able to offer a considerable amount of competition to the big ones.

The smaller the game studio, the more flexible they are and the more original ideas are offered. In 2021, players such as Red Tiger, Relax Gaming, ELK Studios and Blueprint Gaming have made a real breakthrough.


How to start the games? It’s actually quite simple. In most online gambling sites, you can try their games in a demo version without putting your money into the game at all. If you are ready to bet on real money, you may also be required to make a deposit.

In order to transfer money to the player’s account, the online gambling site must first make sure that the person making the deposit is the same person who registered the account and that the payment instrument is also registered in his name.

Under no circumstances may a deposit be made to the casino from, for example, a bank account that is not in the player’s own name.

In the case of instant casinos, it is even easier. Without an account, you can start playing immediately after making your first deposit. The payment can be made using the bank account in your name with a few clicks, and the account is automatically confirmed immediately.

In traditional gaming portals, such as Nutz casino, you must first verify yourself using a Smart ID, ID card, Mobile ID or some other verification technology. If we mentioned Nutz, let’s just say that they actually have the widest selection of payment methods.


One of the most important criteria for choosing a place to play is the payout speed. This is for obvious reasons. After winning, everyone wants to get their money as quickly as possible. It makes a big difference whether a pending payment is processed in minutes/hours or days.

The fastest payouts are without an account at gambling sites such as Ninja Casino and X3000. The reason for this is also obvious – in casinos without an account, the player’s identity and payment method are identified immediately after making a deposit, and the payout can therefore be confirmed without delay.