Sports Betting is widely popular all over the globe. It is common to have many sportsbook online bookies in countries where popular sports like football, boxing, basketball have a huge fanbase. The main reason for sports betting is to make it more interesting following the matches of popular team or individual sports.   

People always like to bet on things so there is no wonder sports betting is so popular. In Estonia people bet on local sports but most of all we follow English Premier League, basketball Euroleague and NBA. If you know more about the particular sport than others, you already have great chances to make a profit with betting. 

It is not surprising that there are much more men betting on sports than women. If you compare for example the profiles of casino players then men and women are almost equally distributed. 

Why is that?  

Most of the punters are also big fans of a particular sport they are betting on. Women are much less exposed on tribunes of a football match or boxing ring. So there is no wonder women tend to bet less on popular sports.

Strategy, tactics and how to win big

No matter how well you know the sport, nobody can always win. The problem is the more you win the more confident you get and could happen that you start raising the stakes. When the big loss hits, it may cause serious damage to your budget. Therefore, we recommend choosing a fixed budget for your betting activities and stick to it. 


How do you win a lot and frequently? We don’t often hear about big winners in sports. It is not like slots where you never win and then become a millionaire overnight. Does it mean punters always lose?

We definitely do not recommend getting started with sports betting in order to make a lot of money or to get rich. It can be considered a fun pastime activity for sports fans with a chance to test your knowledge and skill predicting sport results. You may get lucky but can easily lose all your stake.

Regardless of this, there are a bunch of players who do win consistently. How do they do it? 

Actually, it is quite simple. You just have to be smarter than the person making up the odds for the bookies. On the other side of the screen there is a real person who is using their knowledge about the particular sport to provide the fair odds for the player but also to make sure the bookie makes some profit. 

If you know some sport in and out, there is a fair chance you can filter out undesirable odds very quickly and pick the ones that offer value for the punter, not just for the bookie. There is always a fair amount of luck involved in sports betting but over longer periods of time if you can beat the trader working for the bookie there is no doubt you will win.

Pick the sport you know the best

Sports Betting is great fun and there is nothing better than putting a few bucks on your favourite sports team or player. Sometimes win, sometimes lose. 

If you really decide your goal is to make money with betting, the fun part gets less because you really have to focus and bear in mind all the aspects of getting the maximum value out of it. We recommend choosing to place bets only on the few sports you know the best. 

Even better, if you know which sports you like to follow, dig up more information about the participants of the events from the internet and find the most reliable sources to get info for it. Only if you know the most recent information about all the players and teams involved can you make the right decisions and hopefully win the bet. Sometimes it can happen that the odds are not favourable for the player to place a bet at all. Then you should just pass and wait for the better opportunity.  

Odds they change all the time and it does not depend only on the traders. Punters themselves play an important role for the setting of the odds. The more players put money on one of the participants of the event the lower the odds for betting on the favourite. 

For example, some teams can have so many fans who always bet on their favour. It is quite obvious you can not make a lot of money betting on the same team as well because of the low odds for them to win. 

To sum things up, the more you know about the particular sport or event, the better your chances to make a profit. We do not recommend expecting to make a lot of money with sports betting. After all, it is a well-known fact that if you win too much, bookies will notice and may exclude you very soon. 

Different types of bets

The more you bet on sports the more you notice the differences between the bookies. You will start having your preferences for certain more complex bet types and not every website can offer this. 

The most common bet type is betting on the winner of the match. You can recognize this type of bet by the symbol 1×2. To win the bet you should try to figure which side of the team or player will win. It is important to acknowledge that for each sport there may be different rules and definitions of the “win”. 

Let’s give an example of the most popular sport of them all- football. If you choose the 1×2 bet type and bet on your favourite to win but it only happens after extra time you lose the bet. Why? Because in football 1×2 bet type considers only regular time without any extra time. 

Betting on the match winner is not the only type of bet you can place. Most of the reputable sportsbook operators offer betting on the amount of goals, first half results and many more. Hancicap is also popular which means the underdog will be given an advantage. 

Best bookies in Estonia

If you are only getting started in sports betting and wondering which bookies offer the best value we may be able to help you with some tips.

First of all, we would like to mention Betsafe which was one of the first sport betting websites in Estonia 15 years ago. They used to be called Triobet but now merged with a famous UK-focused Swedish brand- Betsafe.

Just recently Betsafe website was modernized and now offers exceptional user experience.

Of course it is not just Betsafe that offers players a fair and safe sports betting environment in Estonia. Our TOP picks are SuperCasino and Ninja Sports. Both of them use top-tier service providers to run their sportsbook platform securely and smoothly. All of it is available on smart devices as well.

There is one more sports betting brand we can not leave unmentioned. Introducing Coolbet casino and sports. This one is special because they started as the “most transparent bookie”.

Coolbet was the creation of a famous Swedish casino guru. The idea was quite simple- to offer the most transparent and fair betting there is. So far they have managed to deliver offering punters with new functions such as Incoming Bets, Winners Feed, Betting Leaderboard and many others.

If you do not know what to bet on, such additional tweaks offer quite a nice value. For example you can easily copy any bet made by another player if you find the bet selections desirable.


If you are a sports fan betting gives you an opportunity to support your favourite team or athlete by placing a bet on them. You can test your knowledge about your favourite sport event and if successful win some nice pile of cash. Whether it is basketball, boxing or ice-hockey- we all like to see big angry men go face-to-face. If you risk your own money it adds even more spice.

Check more about sports betting and promotions from our campaigns page. If you ever see some good odds we recommend using the bonuses and get the most value out of your knowledge and fun sport events.