Since 2018, a real online casino boom has hit Estonia. When before, game lovers knew names like PAF, OlyBet and maybe also Coolbet, the picture has become much more colorful in a few years.

Time goes on, but the aforementioned traditional playgrounds have remained relatively unchanged over the years. Yes, the bonuses and website design are changed from time to time, but nothing sensational. So, it is completely justified that players want something new and more interesting.

Within just a few years the gaming scene has become much more diverse and casinos without account have become the main players in the industry. This is no surprise that players prefer instant casinos to traditional online gaming platforms.

Any casino we advertise here has a licence to operate in Estonia. While other criterias remain more or less same it matters which platform offers the best user experience and simplicity.

Let us have a look at which ones are the new casinos in Estonia. What are the good and bad.

Legitimate Game Providers

In Estonia, the Gambling Act regulates the provision of money other than games, and the Tax and Customs Board supervises companies that offer games of chance.

If you look at the list of legal gambling organizers page, you will find a total of 28 companies and nearly a hundred domain where gambling for money is allowed for Estonian gamblers.

Typically, newer casinos are created by foreign-owned companies with experience in the entertainment industry. If you start to investigate the matter more closely, all these websites have been translated into Estonian, as the law requires.

On the negative side, it should be pointed out that the brands of the same company are often very similar to each other. It is also not always easy to do background research to find out who the characters behind fancy company names really are.

Since 2008, when I finished the Gambling Act in its current form, the matter has been put to good use. Gamers have not experienced any major problems or messes. At least the major and minor conflicts have not reached the media.

In fact, it is not at all easy for online casino game providers to cheat players even if they wanted to. All offered games have been verified by third-party auditing companies. In addition, you can immediately withdraw winnings from the casino’s player account at any time without any delays.

This is how the situation has developed, that at the same time as traditional casinos such as Unibet, Betsafe, OlyBet, Optibet and others, instant casinos have also taken their place in the market, where getting started is made much easier without filling out a registration form.

Instant Casinos

Pay N Play is new technology which makes it possible to start playing in a casino without signing up. Deposit and start playing. Currently, more than half of the casinos have already employed Pay N Play functionality and players have happily accepted it.

Try now and find out how easy it is to get started on Coolbet platform. Pay N Play is developed by a Swedish famous payment provider Trustly. It makes the casino experience more secure and comfortable. 

Fast casino withdrawals happen within the minutes not hours or days.

Quick casinos have started to set the tone in the world of Estonian and foreign online casinos. A solution that makes it easier to get started and more comfortable to enjoy your entertainment.

Players got tired of filling out complicated registration forms, sending documents and other unpleasantness. It’s no surprise either, because why choose a gaming venue that doesn’t care about user experience. In any case, a big step forward has been made.

In short, instant casinos are built on the principle that players do not have to make unnecessary movements to identify themselves. Accountless instant casinos have even gone so far as to not ask for players’ personal information, payment method details, or email addresses.

During the first deposit, the player’s bank account details are transferred directly to the casino so that the payment method can be conveniently used in the future.

The player also gives consent for the bank to disclose his name, age, home address and personal identification number to the casino games provider. This is how the player’s identity is identified to make sure that they are not under the age of 21 and that the person does not register multiple player accounts.


Next, we will see which are the newest online gambling sites in Estonia, where you can play and win with real money. Which ones are the best, what are the pros and cons?

New casinos in Estonia

Within the past few years around a dozen new casinos have emerged in Estonia. Most of them are gaming platforms without account registration. Some of the best ones we can name: Ninja Casino and NoAccountBet.

Some of the new casinos with accounts can be actually also good. They have integrated easy registration with Smart-ID, mobile-ID and ID-card for Estonian citizens.

Nutz Casino is special because their selection of payment methods is better than anyone else. You can even find e-wallet Revolut which was only recently granted a banking licence in Estonia.

If you are just getting to know what is offered on Estonian online casino platforms, of course novelty does not have to be the only criterion.

In fact, several new casinos in Estonia are a bit half-baked in our eyes and do not leave the best impression.

Typically, new instant casinos are created by some foreign company that wants to expand to the Estonian market.

Unfortunately, it can be seen that the local player is not well known, and one can only dream of personal customer support.

In the best case, someone from the customer support staff speaks Estonian, but sometimes you have to manage in English.

Of course, the new bonuses that new casinos almost always offer are attractive.

What are the new instant casinos?

Over the past few years, half a dozen new online gambling sites have established themselves in Estonia. Most of them are instant casinos where there is no need to create an account. A good example is Ninja casino,  X3000 and Boost Casino.

We are not going to describe all the online casino providers one by one here, but the fact is that the picture is motley and is getting more and more motley.

An important feature of the newest instant casinos is definitely that the pages are extremely compact and with little information.

Games have a strong focus in the sense that they are neatly categorized by type and are easy to find.

Almost all new casinos are designed in such a way that they can be used comfortably, especially on a smart device.

Today’s people are becoming more and more comfortable and lazier, so there is a lot to be desired if someone actually bothers to sit at the computer in their little free time. It is much more convenient to click the “Spin” button in the corner of the sofa or why not next to another activity.


This does not mean that all new casinos are instant casinos.

There are also gaming sites that require you to create an account, but it’s made very easy. A Smart-ID, mobile ID or an ID card is usually sufficient for personal identification.

Slots that aren’t instant casinos are actually even better in some ways. For example, the Nutz online gaming site has a particularly large selection of payment methods.

There is also a popular electronic money intermediary Revolut, which only recently received a banking license in Estonia .

The best new casinos in Estonia

Does it sometimes seem that all the venues are basically the same and there is not much difference?

In fact, the slots are relatively the same in most online gambling sites. The reason for this is very simple – good games go to the soul of game lovers.

It is not uncommon for more agile casino players to have an account in several different game portals, take advantage of bonuses and keep looking for the same games to play through.

However, there are some indicators that should be paid attention to when comparing different venues. Let us check some of the main criterias when it comes to picking the right casino.

Web page and design

In the case of instant casinos, it’s simple – their goal is to provide the simplest possible user experience, and to achieve this, they put as little information as possible on the game page.

As we already said, instant casinos are designed for the younger generation with a strong focus, who have little patience, who are mobile and want to get down to business right away.

Today’s traditional online casinos may not be as convenient but they also put a lot of effort into the user experience. This is crucial for their competitiveness.

New bonuses

No less important than the user-friendliness of the site is whether the new casinos are ready to give something back to the players?

Why risk your money if the online casino operator does not make any effort to make the gaming experience more interesting?

We are not saying that all online casino bonuses are always favorable for players or “pay it off” so to speak. Just the fact that one or another casino offers something to new players is already worth something.

At the moment, there are several really nice campaigns, among which perhaps the most attractive is Coolbet’s free spins without a deposit. Especially considering that casino bonuses without a deposit have disappeared from all Estonian casinos.

Estonian casinos are actually quite generous when it comes to handing out bonuses. Let’s take for example the Bet365 page, which is also still active in this market, they have very few campaigns for Estonian players.

Free casino bonuses have become scarce because online casino providers simply cannot afford it. Bonus hunters have become so skilled that they simply take advantage of a new player’s offer, and then at one or another online casino, it’s tadaa!

Deposits and withdrawals

Regarding payments, it is important to mention that in almost all new instant casinos, money can be transferred to the player’s account only through a bank. There are no e-Wallets or alternative methods to move your money.

We note that making payments through a bank is undoubtedly the safest. More secure than payment cards or any alternative payment methods. However, in a sense, this puts the players in a forced position, because there are no alternatives.

If you have an active account in an Estonian bank, there is no problem. Ninja casino, HappySpins, Boost and others all offer the possibility to transfer funds to the casino through Swedbank, LHV and SEB.

It is perhaps important to note that the payments between the casino and the bank are mediated by the Swedish payment service intermediary companies Brite, Trustly and Zimpler.

In the traditional, newer type of online gaming places, you can also transfer money through a bank, but there are also e-wallets, payment cards and other alternative payment methods.

Managing all these payment methods is actually quite a headache for an online casino. Service fees, administrative fees and other fees end up making up quite a large part of the budget allocated for the payment system.

Withdrawal speed

If you choose between an instant casino and a traditional gaming place, the speed of payouts can be decisive. All of the best casinos without registration such as Boost and Ninja process your payment within minutes.

Therefore, you do not even have time to change your mind and forfeit your pending payment.

As said, popular game portals like Trickz, Boost casino and Ninja satisfy withdrawal requests in minutes. What is even more important is that online casinos of the instant casino type store the payment method in such a way that it is very convenient to continue with deposits and withdrawals without having to log into the online bank again or make other unnecessary clicks.

When it comes to more traditional casinos, they too have shortened payout times.

If you are still new, the first payment may take longer, but for regular customers, payments are already made automatically without long pauses.

On the page, pending withdrawals are processed every hour until midnight.


We already briefly mentioned the games side, but let’s take a closer look at what the new online casinos offer.

What do you think new online casinos can offer for players? If we talking about the live casino there are Evolution Gaming tables in almost every casino. For slots there is much more variety.

Some instant casinos do not want to overwhelm the players with thousands of slots and other games. They only pick new big software developers and choose the best games from them.

With a live casino, it’s easy. In almost all gaming places you can see Evolution Gaming awesome roulette and blackjack tables. In addition, live game shows with charismatic live game managers.

It’s a little different with slot manufacturers, because larger gaming venues undoubtedly offer a slightly larger selection of games.

For a long time, Ninja casino kept the line that the selection of games was kept rather small, but focused only on the most popular game producers and games.

However, as time passed, new players were added, among which smaller game studios with unique ideas and characters began to stand out the most.

New casinos in Estonia maintain the line that gamblers’ favorites such as Book of Dead, Sweet Bonanza and other already proven slot machines appear on the homepage. However, brand new games are also placed next to them, which have the potential to become new favorites.

It is common for the games to be ranked very frequently, as the casino operator analyzes on a daily basis which games are played more. Slots that do not get any attention at all are removed from the game selection quite quickly.


In recent years, a significant number of new online gambling sites have been added to Estonia.

This is good news for players looking for new experiences, as each operator has the potential to offer something new and interesting, including new bonuses.

Not all new casinos are fantastic, but it’s always worth a try.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the new player bonuses, which give you a little more money in addition to your own money to get started.

New bonuses can be free spins without deposit as well as valuable casino bonuses.

One of Estonia’s newest online casinos‘s bonus offers page is particularly rich.