How democratic India actually is compared to other big countries like China or Russia?

India, China, and Russia are all very different countries with unique political systems and cultures, so it’s difficult to make direct comparisons of their levels of democracy. However, we can compare certain aspects of their political systems and assess their democratic credentials.

In terms of political freedoms and civil liberties, India generally ranks higher than China and Russia. India has a free press, independent judiciary, and a vibrant civil society, which are essential components of a democratic system. In contrast, China and Russia have highly controlled media, restricted civil society, and a weak judiciary that is often influenced by the ruling party.

However, India has also faced challenges in maintaining its democratic credentials. There have been concerns about the independence of its institutions, including the judiciary, and the government’s treatment of religious minorities. Additionally, there have been instances of censorship and restrictions on freedom of expression.

China and Russia, on the other hand, have been criticized for their lack of political freedoms and human rights abuses. In China, the ruling Communist Party has a tight grip on power, and there is limited political pluralism. In Russia, there have been concerns about the suppression of the opposition, media censorship, and limitations on civil society.

Overall, while India is not a perfect democracy, it is generally considered to be more democratic than China and Russia in terms of political freedoms and civil liberties. However, each country has its own unique political system and culture, and it is important to evaluate them on their own merits.