The history of online gambling in Estonia is rather short. Yet, within those past 15 years there have been several remarkable jackpot wins by Estonian players. Let’s have a look at which online casinos pay out the biggest winnings.

One thing is for sure. You do not want to enter the casino with the sole purpose of making yourself rich. This may happen but under any circumstances this should not be your primary goal.

It is important to understand that games of chance are designed with the purpose of providing some great fun. No matter how lucky some players may get, there will be periods when you just can not win.

Despite it all, jackpot games always attract the most attention. Low-volatility games may offer the best value for the money but most people like to have quick wins and win big.

In Estonian casinos It is possible to win tens of millions even with as small a bet as 0,20 cents per gameround. If you pick a licensed casino from our page you can be sure to get the winnings out. So which casinos have paid out the biggest jackpots in Estonia over time?


We must start with Optibet casinos which is not much different from any other traditional gaming platform in Estonia. People who like sport betting have made Optibet their sure favourite. But that is not all they got on offer.

For some reason, if Estonian players land a big jackpot, it is always with Optibet games. We can not provide a reasonable explanation for this but within the past years this is the case.

The all- time biggest win by an Estonian player was accomplished in summer 2021. Optibet player earned 6,6 million on Mega Moolah.

Just a few years back Optibet was knows as a simple gambling site with main focus on Baltic sport leagues and atheletes. After some ground-breaking wins this is about to change now.

6,6 million was won by an Estonian citizen living in Finland. The bet size was not more than just €3,75. As you may know Mega Moolah is the flagship slot for famous software company Microgaming.

In 2018. there was another spectacular series of wins in Optibet. €283,988 were gifted to a 43-year old Estonian player spinning on Divine Fortune. As a coincidence at the same year and same game another Estonian got €35,000 and 55,000 during the same game session.

2018. January and it was time for Divine Fortune again. Estonian experienced great luck with a €205,110 jackpot!


On top of Optibet there is another casino in Estonia that is able to deliver frequent jackpot wins. The 3.7 million jackpot was hit by an Estonian who was spinning on the Hall of Gods. Let’s point out that the bet size was only €0,20.

Hall of Gods winner was a lady who had never won anything before. PAF Eesti manager Allar Levandi said this is a great example of how you can win big even when betting responsibly.

2017. was special. Why? Because an Estonian player managed to land 232,881 euros with bingo. This does not happen all so often because bingo is more popular in Sweden and Finland.


The rule of thumb is the bigger the casinos the more jackpots are paid out. This is only because the more players the higher chances statistically someone will win a bigger amount.

Betsafe is no exception here. As one of the biggest casinos in Estonia they have paid out millions of euros. In 2017. 1,55 million was paid out in one go for a roulette player. In the same year OlyBet gambler landed close to €300,000 on a slot machine called Dead or Alive. Around €100,000 big win has been registered in Coolbet.


As previously explained there are several millionaires made in Estonian casinos.The main reason for such high prizes is the fact that games are getting more and more volatile. Actually the winning spins are getting less and less frequent, yet the maximum amounts are getting bigger and bigger.

If we compare casino games with lottery the chances of making profit are much higher. A significant amount of the lottery profits are meant to support the cultural and social activities. If you consider the amount of people who play the lottery, the amount of money actually paid out is about half of all the money spent on the tickets.

In average return to the player rate is about 90-99% of all the bets. You can be pretty sure when playing in licensed casinos you will not get scammed. Over the longer periods of playing you should make at least some of the money back that you put in.