Did you know that there were time you could get bonuses and Free Spins without having to play them through? It was not that long ago when Estonian casinos and sports betting online were just getting started.

For the player this was great times. You did not really have to worry about losing a lot if you did not risk much. Bonuses were basically real money and winnings were possible to take out to your bank account immediately.

After some time casinos had to employ some wagering requirements for the prizes in order not to go completely bankrupt. As any company, casino operators are working to make profit and with bonuses without wagering this would be difficult.


Before opting in to any of the promotions it is worth getting familiar with the terms of the promo. On top of the wagering requirements it is good to know for how long the promotion lasts and what exactly is required for getting any of the bonuses.


Most of the casinos in Estonia offer bonuses and Free Spins with wagering. Yet, there are some exceptions. Kiirkasiino is one of those brands that have no bonuses at all. This is a unique approach to make the gaming experience more understandable and straightforward.

If we talk about the spins without wagering then there is a brand called Kanuuna that has just those. Also, there is Coolbet which is very well-known for transparency. Sign up with Coolbet and get 25 Free Spins on Multifly without additional wagering.


Kanuuna is a truly nordic brand focusing on Estonian and Finnish gamblers. Nordic people like to get straight to the point and that is what Kanuuna can offer. Simple interface and clear bonus terms make it an obvious choice.

After first deposit you get 20 Free Spins on 10 consecutive days. Winnings come without additional wagering. Only a €20 euro deposit is required.

Other promotions

After being available for Estonian players for some time there are no other promotions on top of welcome bonus. Regular gamblers can still take advantage of Kanuuna-meter.

The more you play the more points you collect and higher rank you get. Every time you reach a new level you will be awarded Free Spins.


On top of Kanuuna there are more brands that are trying to keep things as simple as possible. Let’s have a look at PAF. They give free €10 for all new players who sign up and deposit. This is real money without wagering.

On top of this exceptionally generous gift of €10 free money you can take advantage of 25 Free Spins.

Other promotions

Have a look at other promotions of PAF casino and you will be surprised they give many prizes without wagering requirements. There are a surplus of network promotions but to reach the very top of the ranks may take time and focus.